Federal proceedings – 19-cr-20

A federal grand jury indicted William B. McHenry, Jr. on January 25, 2019. Read the press release issued by U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Mississippi here.

The following are select filings (most recent first) from the federal criminal case United States v. McHenry, No. 3:19-cr-00020 (S.D. Miss):

2019-05-10 Order denying McHenry’s Motion to Modify Conditions of Release

2019-05-08 McHenry’s Motion to Modify Conditions of Release

2019-04-05 [Docket entry only] “Status Conference as to William B. McHenry, Jr. held on 4/5/2019. APPEARANCES: Ted Cooperstein, AUSA; Frank Trapp, retained counsel. Frank Trapp advised that he will be filing a motion to withdraw as counsel. The Court directed the Defendant to meet with pretrial services today to determine whether he qualifies for CJA appointment. Meanwhile, the jury trial scheduled for April 15, 2019 will be continued to a later date.”

2019-03-22 [17] Order granting in part and denying in part McHenry’s Motion to Continue

2019-03-15 [15] Government’s response to McHenry’s Motion to Continue

2019-03-15 [14] McHenry’s Motion to Continue Trial

2019-03-15 [13] Arrest Warrant

2019-03-01 [12] Order Setting Conditions of Release

2019-03-01 [11] Bond

2019-03-01 [10] Order re Discovery

2019-03-01 [9] Trial Order

2019-03-01 [8] Order re Motion to Unseal Indictment

2019-03-01 [7] Motion to Unseal Indictment

2019-01-25 [5] Praecipe for Warrant

2019-01-25 [3] Indictment

2019-01-25 [2] Order re Motion to Seal Indictment

2019-01-25 [1] Motion to Seal Indictment