Federal proceedings – 19-cv-941

On December 30, 2019, the Receiver filed a complaint against Trustmark National Bank, Bennie Butts, Jud Watkins, Southern Bancorp Bank, and RiverHills Bank—financial institutions and professionals who provided banking services that enabled and sustained the Madison Timber Ponzi scheme. The complaint alleges the defendants’ actions contributed to the success of the Madison Timber Ponzi scheme, and therefore to the debts of the Receivership Estate.

The following are select filings (most recent first) from the federal civil case Alysson Mills vs. Trustmark, et al., No. 3:19-cv-00941 (S.D. Miss.):

2021-03-01 [67] Order on Motions to Dismiss

2020-06-12 [63] Receiver’s Motion for Leave to File Response to Jud Watkins’ Reply

2020-06-09 [62] RiverHills’s Reply

2020-06-09 [61] Southern Bancorp’s Reply

2020-06-09 [60] Trustmark’s Reply

2020-06-09 [59] Bennie Butts’s Reply

2020-06-09 [58] Jud Watkins’s Reply

2020-05-21 [49] Receiver’s Opposition to Jud Watkins’s Motion to Compel Arbitration

2020-05-21 [48] Receiver’s Opposition to Motions to Dismiss

2020-04-30 [39] Trustmark’s Motion to Dismiss

2020-04-30 [37] RiverHills’s Motion to Dismiss

2020-04-30 [35] Jud Watkins’s Motion to Compel Arbitration

2020-04-30 [33] Bennie Butts’s Motion to Dismiss

2020-04-28 [31] Southern Bancorp’s Motion to Dismiss

2019-12-30 [1] Complaint