The following are related press reports (most recent first):

July 2, 2020, Law360Butler Snow Says Timber Scam Contract Favors Arbitration

January 13, 2020, Law360Receiver Says Baker Donelson Must Face Timber Scam Suit

January 6, 2020, Clarion Ledger, Trustmark suspected Ponzi scheme, did nothing, federal receiver argues in lawsuit

December 20, 2019, Law360Baker Donelson Says It Doesn’t Belong In Timber Scam Suit

December 3, 2019, Clarion Ledger, Ex-business partner of man behind Mississippi’s largest Ponzi scheme goes on trial

December 3, 2019, Law360, Butler Snow Says Timber Scam Suit Belongs In Arbitration

November 12, 2019, Law360Baker Donelson Atty Accused Of Lying For Loan Before Ch. 11

November 7, 2019, ABA Journal, BigLaw partner lists $166M in liabilities in Chapter 7 filing that would halt suit alleging Ponzi scheme aid

November 5, 2019, Law360Baker Donelson Director Seeks Ch. 7 Cover From Ponzi Suit

September 13, 2019, Law360Butler Snow Can’t Push Timber Scam Claims to Arbitration

September 13, 2019, Clarion LedgerFederal judge refuses to dismiss lawsuit against Butler Snow in Ponzi scheme case

August 26, 2019, Clarion Ledger, Ponzi scheme: Church groups return $300K. Almost $6M recouped for investors.

May 30, 2019, AP, UPS sued for workers’ role in $100M timber Ponzi scheme

May 29, 2019, Clarion Ledger, $100M Ponzi scheme: Lawsuit claims UPS Store in Madison notarized fake, blank timber deeds

April 24, 2019, Clarion Ledger, $540k in cash offered for Ponzi scheme felon Lamar Adams’ home, Oxford condo still for sale

March 30, 2019, Greenwood Commonwealth, Pillow fame to Ponzi infamy

March 29, 2019, Greenwood Commonwealth2 ex-PA athletes accused in scheme

March 25, 2019, Mississippi Today, Bill to make it harder to sue property owners nearly stalled over fears of unintended consequences

March 22, 2019, Law360Mutual of Omaha, Bank Aided $85M Ponzi scheme, Suit Says

March 1, 2019, U.S. News & World Report, Second Mississippi Man Indicted in $85M Timber Ponzi Scheme

March 1, 2019, Clarion Ledger, Another person indicted in $100M Ponzi scheme

January 25, 2019, The American Lawyer, Butler Snow Moves for Arbitration in Lawsuit over Ponzi Scheme

January 16, 2019, Legal NewsLineButler Snow, other law firms named in suit involving timber Ponzi scheme

December 27, 2018, The American Lawyer, Baker Donelson, Butler Snow Sued Over Alleged Role in Lamar Adams Ponzi Scheme

December 25, 2018, Clarion Ledger, Ole Miss to return most of $402,100 donated by businessman sentenced in $100M Ponzi scheme

December 24, 2018, AP, Mississippi law firm accused of failing to discover scheme

December 21, 2018, Clarion Ledger, Complaint: Butler Snow, Baker Donelson contributed to $100 million Ponzi scheme

December 19, 2018, Bloomberg Law, Law Firms Accused of Aiding Timber Ponzi Scheme

December 10, 2018, Clarion Ledger, Contempt citation sought in $100 million Ponzi scheme case

October 31, 2018, Clarion Ledger, What you need to know about the largest Ponzi scheme in Mississippi

October 30, 2018, Clarion Ledger, Ponzi scheme: Former Madison County businessman sentenced to 19.5 years

October 29, 2018, Clarion Ledger, Disabled vet ‘left almost destitute’ from $100M Ponzi scheme, he says at businessman’s sentencing

October 26, 2018, Clarion Ledger, Madison County businessman in $100M Ponzi scheme gave Ole Miss more than $400,000

October 7, 2018, AP, Lawsuit demands return of more than $16M from Ponzi scheme

August 23 2018, Clarion Ledger, Receiver appointed in $100M Ponzi scheme seeks money back from Ole Miss Athletics Foundation

May 14, 2018, Clarion Ledger, Securities & Exchange Commission seeks receivership in $100M Ponzi scheme case

May 1, 2018, Clarion Ledger, Mississippi man charged in Ponzi scheme across multiple states