For investors

In the course of the Receivership certain information likely will be provided to investors only.  If you made an investment in Madison Timber Properties, LLC (sometimes characterized as a “loan”), whether through Lamar Adams or any of his affiliates, and you would like to receive information provided to investors only, please advise the Receiver either by contacting the Receiver directly or by using this form.

You should collect and preserve any documents—agreements, memoranda, letters, emails, checks, etc.—relating to your investment.  If you would like to share such documents with the Receiver, you may send copies to:


U.S. Mail:
Alysson Mills, Receiver
Fishman Haygood, LLP
201 St. Charles Avenue, Suite 4600
New Orleans, Louisiana 70170

Submitting information does not create any attorney-client relationship with the Receiver. The Receiver’s job is to recover money and assets for the benefit of all.  The Receiver cannot represent you individually in any matter connected to any of these cases.